Thursday, December 18, 2014


Wendy Van Huyssteen " Peace Filled" oil on canvas

Restoring light, Light within, Church light, Peace filled light are all good titles for this painting that beckons the viewer to stop in their fast paced tracks and dwell a little in this space. For Wendy Van Huyssteen this was indeed the reason she painted and captured the famous church in Greece,seen on a recent family holiday, subject of inspiration to many an artist. 

The photograph depicted the windows as dark . The underpainting of burn’t sienna hinted at making the glow in the window expressing the warmth of the memory.
The blues painted from freshly bought tubes of Maimeri “Puro” (Pure) gave the intense lustre that the mediterranean coastline provides. The velvet concrete making the roof mimics the colour of the summer ocean, the angles of whites in many values, dancing greens of bougainvillea, distant haze of rugged landscape all come together to create an appealing painting.

I felt it apt to end this years blogging with this artwork and wish you all a very peace filled Christmas where memories are made, and joy is charged within. May all your lights keep on burning and may 2015 be one filled with hope, tranquility and peace.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Green fields fall upon Virginia Preparatory School

Today was my only daughters last day at Virginia Preparatory School. As I painted this for the headmaster Mr Wayne Bannister, I pondered on the meaning of this for me, for her, for us all as a family. A chapter closes on a part of youth and opens onto teenage years. Luisa Ruth, you have grasped these years and excelled . May the best memories of these formative years be likened to these green fields overlooking the city of Durban. May you be the master of your own scoreboard and run this race called life at your pace and with grace continue to embrace challenges, joys and adventures, may your boundaries fall upon pleasant Virginia...thank you!