Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The new "Barefoot Lounge" in Bilene
Well into February/March I recall a small part of my holiday in Mocambique. Bilene is the magnet that continues to draw our family to it's gentle shores. The lagoon is vast and spreads over seventeen kilometres. Cassuarina trees whisper new ideas whilst old fishing boats fall apart and get gracefully rebuilt in my sketches and paintings. The New Year of 2012/2013 was no different except for the addition of a magnificent new lounge to our friends home.

The lounge holds many of my works both old and new. This holiday I enjoyed a rendezvous with the boats . As you will see the colours and textures found from redundant boats on the beach has influenced me greatly. We added some of these finds under the set of 9 paintings done over a period of 10 days.

Sunlight splays through exotic doors

The Reading room

Textures and Teased surfaces

The colour palette I used in painting the boat series.

The last little painting"Open Oars".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting by Lara Mellon in Bilene, Mocambique

Painting by Lara Mellon

An artist paints from heart and soul. At least my friend Lara does. The beauty lies in the merging of one's own reality with that of another person. In purchasing artwork one of the criteria is that of identification. A classic example of this is seen when the authors of this Bilene Home in Mozambique purchased a Lara Mellon painting from Fat Tuesday Gallery in Kloof last year. It captured the essence of this part of the world, even capturing the little Jack Russell belonging to them.

Colours and textures marry and I delightfully share this artist's painting with you as I see it in the new lounge of Bilene, Mocambique.

Kormarants and Sea gulls gather together
Mellon is the founder of everyONEcounts campaign, soliciting artworks from artists to raise funds. Her first auction raised R300 000 for a home for abandoned babies. This years campaign is around the issue of human trafficking. Join us in the plight. Most Recently Lara Mellon was nominated as a possible candidate for a LeadSA hero -" a person using his or her resources, energy and time to give back to the community to help solve the many problems that face our society." (Sunday Tribune Feb 3 2013)

Fishing boat in the reeds

My favourite view where river meets lagoon

Soft fabrics

Broken boats

The Bilene Lagoon