Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drawn to Dancing

 Charcoal Sketching is one of the quickest mediums to capture a mood. Below I have included just two of the many positions of Acrobats. "Getting into Chin" and "Elbow" (read left to right)
With the side of the charcoal, rub the page . Then simply squeeze the putty eraser until it is in a point and begin to extract the lights. Draw in the areas of dark so that your drawing captures good values from light to dark.
Sitting at my makeshift desk, I go about my work in sketching some of the Acrobats in action and in pose. I was so happy to have taken my watercolours on my trip to the Acrobat Championships as this medium really conveys the feeling of liquid movement in the dancing girls. Sadly , one is not allowed to photograph the girls on stage during the competition and I felt insecure to sketch in case my work was taken as capturing movements to later on "steal." I respected this. So when I could I'd photograph in our studio s change and practice room,  before dashing in to get a good seat.

And then back at our accommodation I'd go about capturing the images catapulting inside my mind.
Often I would attract the attention of the very young who are always curious and eager to learn.

A backbend leap


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