Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drawn to Dancing

 Charcoal Sketching is one of the quickest mediums to capture a mood. Below I have included just two of the many positions of Acrobats. "Getting into Chin" and "Elbow" (read left to right)
With the side of the charcoal, rub the page . Then simply squeeze the putty eraser until it is in a point and begin to extract the lights. Draw in the areas of dark so that your drawing captures good values from light to dark.
Sitting at my makeshift desk, I go about my work in sketching some of the Acrobats in action and in pose. I was so happy to have taken my watercolours on my trip to the Acrobat Championships as this medium really conveys the feeling of liquid movement in the dancing girls. Sadly , one is not allowed to photograph the girls on stage during the competition and I felt insecure to sketch in case my work was taken as capturing movements to later on "steal." I respected this. So when I could I'd photograph in our studio s change and practice room,  before dashing in to get a good seat.

And then back at our accommodation I'd go about capturing the images catapulting inside my mind.
Often I would attract the attention of the very young who are always curious and eager to learn.

A backbend leap


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sketching from the Stage

An Acrobat goes through her moves inside her head.
Pencil Sketch using 2B and 6B.   

"I observe her intense focus on the stage as she quietly goes through her moves... no move is too sharp nor too rushed... she stands, she flows her arms as if through water... she stands poised and dignified before her time... to shine.

I am drawn to her liquid movements and more than that ... the love of dance that oozes from the depths of such energetic creativity.

Lost they are... into another zone... finding themselves in their incredible talent, gift, and passion."

Recently I accompanied my daughter to Middleberg to witness the Annual South African Acrobatic Championships.  Armed with all my sketching materials which include charcoal, putty eraser, pencils and pens of varying thicknesses, I approached the tour with enthusiasm.  "Free" time was very limited but I did manage to capture some fast gestures( less than a couple of minutes) which I now share with you. I will discuss my watercolour sketches on a separate post. Well done to Debi Frizelle and her studio of beautiful girls who shone on stage as much as the many gold medals that they won.

A simple line drawing done with a .2 ink pen.

Amazing stances, stretches and swings into the air.

This quartet's timing was perfect! Beautiful to watch. Gesture drawing in 15 seconds