Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pen sketches in Mallorca, Spain

Another great way to travel is with a few size pens in permanent ink and a sketchbook.
Doodling is a great way to pass the time and accesses one s imagination. It also has an element of play which allows for my soul to smile.

I love pen sketches. Not only does it sharpen my observation skills but it also keeps me practised in the art of seeing and interpreting. On my recent trip to Mallorca, I added these pen sketches to my collection of water colours.


Travels to Mallorca. November 2011.

I recently travelled to Spain with my husband who was attending a medical conference. I use these opportunities to do sketching from life. Thanks to Joan Martin, an active artist and teacher, I have committed to the www. sketchbook project 2011 from New York and chose my theme to be “Travel with me” . 

We stayed a few days with our friends, Heidi and Trevor Van Wyk and their three gorgeous children, Luke, Erin and Kaira. Not only did we get a real sense of Mallorcan country living but I had the wonderful experience of doing an art workshop in Erin’s Grade 2 class. The children were so excited that I could not stop smiling at their frenzy to learn new things.

 Encouraged by the Van Wyk children’s enthusiasm I would sit with them every evening and teach them watercolour painting. Kaira, an exuberant four year old, was happy to draw from her imagination. Seven year old Erin was inspired with some of my sketches and paintings and took to trying to copy them, eagerly carrying out my instructions with ease. Luke, the eldest, found the painting therapeutic and also wished to copy my work but had a very strong opinion of the colours he wanted to use. I enjoyed his creative spirit.

 My strongest memory is the image of an old man tending to his grove beside the typical low stone walls of his yard.

The light was fresh and his shadow mimicked the imprint of the one he would leave in my soul. I remembered my mother and her love of gardening. I thought on how similar this old man walked and looked like my portuguese father. All this fed into my new visual experience.  I could not wait to paint him amongst the rocks and bright autumn leaves of the vineyard behind him. Something about this old man dressed in corduroy pants and button white shirt tending the earth, gave him a purpose, gave him a sense of wisdom and security and role modelled to us the act of being old .

The essence perhaps of a simpler and slower pace to this life.

The following are snippets of sketches that I did whilst in Mallorca.
Some took 30 minutes and others, an hour. Some were done alone whilst others were done in the presence of others. 

I find it always interesting that drawing from life always highlights elements one would not normally have noticed. And the fact that I choose a subject emphasises something I identify with, making it a part of who I am, things I enjoy and moments I treasure.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

ART ON THE WAY Exhibition : November 2011

VERSE: 2 Corinthians 4:18
“We look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal”

For me the forest is a place of much restoration and growth. One chooses to dance in the dappled sunlight and not fear the shadows. As we faithfully embrace our trials, we reach a platform of peace that surpasses our understanding. We cannot always see the bigger picture on this earth, nor can we see paradise pertaining to heaven. I hold on to the moments of revelation when slivers of light illuminates and warms our body, mind and soul. I recall and share with you moments of such warm connection.

Coastal Forest 1 
Coastal Forest 2

Coastal Forest 3

Figure in the Forest

Forest in Bilene

"Mamana" in the Forest

WORDS ON A MIRROR: Remembering our Stories - November 2011

I recently attended a book launch my mother participated in, contributing with one of her stories. In fact her story is the start of a novel that has taken her 17 years to complete.

The tinkering sound of guitar strings accompanying “soul” food and creative company set a relaxed tone for the evening.

The group’s mentor Dorian Harhoff, poet and story teller, was a Professor in English in Namibia and is the author of “The Writers Voice”. He brilliantly encouraged the creative process of writing from what is often called from the “heart”.

 Back: Christine Parkinson, Dorian Haarhoff, Nomathemba Shepherd 
Front:  Victoria Cardoso (mom), Roma Howard, Loretta van Skalkwyk
This manner of creativity spoke to my already gathered knowledge that art in any form is an invaluable tool towards healing.  

These KZN writers   shared parts of their stories.

Powerful and fresh from their experiences.

One of their tasks that evening was to also read part of a story by a women from one of the other two groups - JHB and CT.

It became evident that these women found identification in the sharing and a newfound belonging amongst themselves. Easy Therapy within this obviously nurturing and “safe to share” group.

Well done to this group, lovingly known as “The Sustahs” (Sisters Stars) for having courage,diligence, determination and discipline to share their valuable stories with us...

“Words on a Mirror” can be purchased from Dorian on 0828736802

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exhibition: Outside In, at Green with Envy

"In this body of work Pereira de Vlieg has dwelled on the rose as a study, including the figure and the rose, as well as the resulting shadows across the forest floor. A poetic look, as it were, at nature as the artist sees and experiences it."  Read full artist statement here:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Outside In" at Green with Envy

Currently showing at Green with Envy, Durban is the group exhibition entitled "Outside In". Below is a sample of works by the various participating artists. The exhibition runs until the end of March.

Zelda Davidson, Abstract Crimson Roses

Debbie Frizelle, Tree Frog Series

Jen de Cerff, Strawberries in Pot

Pat Lategan, Sun Flowers

Ana Pereira de Vlieg, Dancing Rose

Polly Edley, Chicken 2

Robb Gerritsen, Aloe Ferox

For more information on the exhibition please see the post below

Green with Envy Exhibition - Now on until the end of March

Robb Gerritsen and Ana Pereira de Vlieg have curated the latest exhibition at ‘Green with Envy’ Cafe and Nursery. The exhibition titled  “ OUTSIDE IN “ could not have been more fitting. The countrified atmosphere of the shop sets the scene and upon wandering up the stone stairs, passing the conference centre towards the restaurant, one cannot help but feel light on one’s feet. The grand old trees provide cool shade whilst the open doors and windows frame bits of the surrounding city.

The exhibition not only comprises works by Gerritsen and de Vlieg but also include artists working out of de Vlieg’s studio. Robb Gerritsen and Zelda Davidson have put on quite a show with their studies of robust and monumental ‘Aloes’ that mark the indigenous nature of our land. Look up above the doorway of the restaurant and see how “Glowing Protea” by Gerritsen vibrates with life. In the same room, as your eyes roam outside across lush green vegetation, you will catch sight of  Pereira de Vlieg’s lyrical and delicate study of the rose and forest floor.

Subtle hues and contrasting blues spread themselves across the conference’s main far sided wall. Works by Sarah Lategan investigate water footage from her recent trek through Africa. Pat Lategan ends the panel with an exclamation mark by painting a very lively ‘palette knife’ sunflower in a blue and white striped bowl. These paintings enhance the happy serenity of this room.

Descending back down the stairs one finds oneself back in the shop where attractive paintings can be found peeping in between gorgeous goodies for purchase. Jen de Cerff has painted delicious juicy strawberries in a terracotta pot, a delight to the imagination. Polly Edley has painted eye catching patterned roosters.  Being a decorator, Polly has a superb understanding of colour and this flows into her work. And last but not least one finds a series of little green tree frogs delicately painted on small square canvases, showing immense character. More work is to be added by one more artist called Kerry Howell so watch this space.

Van Gogh is known to have said “ I experience a period of frightening clarity in those moments when nature is so beautiful. I am no longer sure of myself, and the paintings appear as in a dream.

The exhibition runs until the end of March 2011

Green with Envy
281 Vause Road
Durban, Kwazulu-Natal
031 201 3779
Setting up.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Press.

A collection of old and new press clippings featuring my work and exhibitions, has now been added to my website (on the CV page). Here's a quick link to download the pdf.

A day in the life...


Today had a different feel to it. Today our focused and selfless hat that goes with being a mother was to be replaced by an artists beret. An intriguing women artist and teacher, from Nigeria, was in town. With great excitement, we would be travelling to Hilton to attend a live figure drawing class under Hermine Colemans instruction.